ZHdK meets BSM:
Students and teachers from the Zürich University of the Arts visiting Bangalore for the first time – for cultural encounter, knowledge exchange and artistic cooperation.

Students: Jasmin Andergassen, early children’s music, choir; Reto Knöpfel, voice; Luka Stamenkovic, guitar; Ivan Turkalj, cello
Staff: Christian Berger, Head of Early Children’s Music ZHdK; Ranko Markovic, Head of International Affairs Department of Music ZHdK; Maria Rapp, Head of MA Music pedagogy ZHdK

Zurich University of the Arts – the largest and most comprehensive Art University in Switzerland – displays a broad range of disciplines in music, performing arts, fine arts and media, and design. The music program is based on a long and profound tradition and is providing intensive professional study programs for more than 700 full time students from all over the world. Many important artists and researchers shape its faculty, music production and music education equivalently form the pillows for a rich diversity of musical practice and research.

„Start up Bangalore“ has brought three teachers and four students of international origin to the Bangalore School of Music, which meanwhile is known as a vibrant and as well stable Indian music education institution even in Switzerland. Students and teachers have been cooperating, teaching, practicing and performing together with their Indian peers and colleagues, and have developed a mutual understandig of music, education and methodology. Both schools are determined to use this first encounter as the initialisation for both sustainable and ambitious acitivities in the future.

The visit has been made possible by the ZHdK Commission of International Affairs and is supported by Swissnex Bangalore.

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