Finally it happened: “Love Changes The World” – the finale concert including all the children of the BSM-BIOCON outreach programme (BIOCON is a corporate sponsor). On Thursday 26th of February, around 200 children in colourful T-Shirts and their teachers gathered at the Guru Nanak Bhavan Auditorium to finally present their songs to the audience.

The grand finale – five choirs together performing the song “Love Can Turn The World”

Since the end of last year the children of four different schools, which are part of the program, have been practicing for this big day. I have been assisting two of the choirs: Coxtown Government School (together with Becky) and the Sukrupa Choir (together with Sheba). As the event got closer, you could feel the excitement of the children in both choirs – And this excitement made me realize and remember, how these kind of performances are meaningful to a child. Of course it is an exciting outing for them: Gathering at the school, dressing up nicely and then driving by bus through the city to a big audience hall and getting snacks and a gift after the concert.

The children from Coxtown Government School waiting for the final rehearsal…

… and on stage performing three songs: ‘Salibonani’, ‘Si ma ma ka’ with claves and shakers and ‘I like the flowers’.

In a more reflected perspective, I suppose that there is one point, which is even more important: To be seen. To be the center for some minutes. To be rewarded for doing something good. Especially, if these situations don’t happen too often in everyday life – it just feels good to step on a stage and sing for the audience – maybe even sing some solo lines and than be proud to have managed everything well. These positive feelings will stick in the memories of our students and will be positive for their self-esteem and confidence. I am sure, you might have some similar memories, when you remember your childhood.
So, my point is: Of course, this event was also to demonstrate the effectiveness for the sponsor of the outreach program, it was also to honor involved faculty of the participating schools and to report about the year – but before everything it was an event for the children. Some days ago, the children of the Sukrupa Choir wrote some lines the meaning of being part of the choir means to them. Here shall be shared some insights into the child- or teenage opinion about music in their lives:

„I am part of the music class for the past two years. It is very useful in many ways. I had been to many concerts which have been very interesting. By going tot he music class I learn music and a lot of knowledge, but also I learn discipline, good behaviour and other qualitites. Also it is a good opportunity to show my talent and skills. In my life it is a lucky chance to be part of BSM. I will never forget this chance in my life. Thank you.“ – Tinitha S. – 9th standard

„It is a golden chance to go to the BSM. Not every child will get this chance in his lifetime. But I am blessed to be part of BSM. Before I didn’t know what I could sing, but when I joined the BSM I have learnt that I can sing in front of everyone. By singing I improved my language and my concentration.“ Maria Nelcy – 9th standard

„BSM is important for me for developping my voice. Before I joined the choir, I did not know any songs in English. After joining the music class, I have learnt many songs in English.“ – Karpagavalli D., – 8th Standard

„I like music very much – Music is my life. What I learn in the music class I can sing anywhere. I got the opportunity to go to the music class. When I sing a song I feel happy. Music is a GIFT for me“ – Likitha M.

„The music class is a gift form e and it is my future. I like to go to the music class. Through singing my voice gets good – and I love singing!“ – Nayana R. – 6th standard

„Singing is important, because it can take out the anger and fill you with new spirit – Singing helps the heart.“ Chethana K. S. – 5th standard

„I am proud to be in the music class – we are going to many places to perform. I got the good opportunity to be part of the music class. We learnt some african songs. I like my teachers and I like music class.“ – Deepak P.  – 5th standard