In Zurich, students of the Master Program “Music Pedagogy“ (Instrumental/Vocal Music Pedagogy) receive a comprehensive and thorough training in terms of the traditional middle European job description “music teacher“. Approximately 300 children, teenagers, and young adults are attending the Bangalore School of Music and receive musical education in mainly but not only European Music. In India, “Western Classical Music” is traditionally characterized through colonialist exclusion on one hand. On the other hand, it is more and more in the eye of the interest of wider social circles in recent time. Not least because of the comparable sound language of the current film soundtrack of India (“Bollywood”) and the strong presence of the globalised pop music referring to simple classic music patterns.

The Bangalore School of Music (BSM) is a private educational institution with decades of experience. The BSM unifies educational offerings in elementary music pedagogy, instrumental performance, ensemble courses and choral music under the roof of a building built recently. The infrastructure is simple but functional and the teaching staff is mixed. Some of the teachers are highly motivated. The concerts and festivals organized by the BSM are contributing to this motivation, as they are visited by a lot of European and American musicians. The BSM has good relations to the Alliance Française, the Austrian Cultural Forum New Delhi and the Swiss embassy in India. A multiannual cooperation with the Royal College of Music Stockholm enabled the assistant of the head of the school to attend training in elementary music pedagogy in Sweden.

The music department of the Zurich University of the Arts has interest in supporting its students of pedagogy developing new fields of experience, research, and activity.